SABA Central system

  • Dual display, support 64 monitors simultaneously.
  • Browse 64 selectable waveforms for different patients for 72 hours.
  • Graphically and numerically viewable up to 240 hours of Trend information for any patient connected to the system.
  • Audio and visual alarms, adjust alarms for parameters



Product Specifications

  • Save 720 alerts for each patient
  • Two side communication between the central system and patient monitor, patient information management by the central monitor.
  • Browse and search the history of 20,000 patients connected to the system.
  • Save and display 720 results from the 12 Leads ECG and ST-Segment analysis.
  • Save and display 720 NIBP measurements for each patient connected to the central system.
  • Ability to change image display.
  • The ability to hold the signal with the Freeze key and record the ECG.
  • Supports some accessories like keyboard, mouse, thermal recorder, laser printer, speakers, etc